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Get informed about Blockchain
You are new to Bitcoin and the Concept of Blockchain? You cant keep track of all the new crypto currencies like Ethereum, Monero or Iota? Exchanges are confusing you? You just want to chat about the newes trends in the crypto space? Feel free to contact us!

Blockchain Consulting

Introducing Blockchain to your company and create a plan how to effectively use this technology in your company.

Website Design

Building fully customized websites, which gives your company the exposure on the web which it deserves.

Application Programming

We are creating customized solutions for problems, or just increase your workflow by automatisation of tasks.

Crypto Investment

Invest save and fast into the best crypto currencies available. With our long lasting experience in the volatile crypto market we help you find the best coins to maximize your profits.


CoinKit is a custom written Tipbot, which has integrated multi platform support. Its designed to tip your favorite Cryptocurrency in Slack, Telegram and Discord.

Investing in crypto currencies since 2013

We started our first investments in Bitcoin in 2013 and have steadily increased our profit by investing in various alternative crypto currencies. We are always gathering new informations, so you never miss the latest trend.


Average profit per year

Application Programming

We provide custom software solutions to simplify the work of employees and save you time and money.


Get your own Website custom tailored for your needs. We provide various website styles for your personal needs. Our range varies from your own Blog to high-end multi-functional websites. All Websites are based on premium wordpress templates, which are easy to maintain.

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